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HVAC Company in Potomac

For Professional Heating & Cooling Services in Potomac, MD Contact Glenmont Air Conditioning & Heating at (301) 468-2665, Or Request Service Online.

Expert Heating, Air Conditioning, and Indoor Air Quality Services in Potomac, Maryland

Since 1984, our team at Glenmont Heating & Air Conditioning has provided Potomac, MD, home and business owners with experienced HVAC specialists capable of improving their indoor environment. Whether you need repairs or installations, our professionals provide HVAC services on air conditioners, heating systems, and home ventilation and air purifier systems. We offer residential and commercial services to ensure that everyone in our community enjoys the most energy-efficient systems while maintaining heat in the winter and cool air in the summer.

Air Conditioning Services in Potomac, MD

AC Repair in Potomac

When your air conditioner goes down, the heat and humidity of Potomac summers quickly takes over your home or business. At Glenmont Heating & Air Conditioning, effective and efficient repairs to quickly get your air conditioner back up and running. Regardless of the brand, model, or size of your air conditioner, you can enjoy professional AC repair in Potomac with our trained and experienced HVAC specialists.

AC Maintenance in Potomac

Comprehensive AC maintenance plans with our team maximizes your system’s energy efficiency, saving money while keeping your air conditioner in tip-top condition. Regular maintenance also lowers the need for AC repairs and lengthens the unit’s lifespan. 

AC Replacement in Potomac

When your AC fails to keep your home or business cool or stops working altogether, you may need a new unit. Our professionals can help you choose the right AC unit for your property and install it right the first time.

Heating Services in Potomac, MD

Heater Repair in Potomac

With the cold, windy winters we experience here in Potomac, MD, a functioning furnace, boiler, or heat pump consists of a necessity. When you have trouble staying warm, our team at Glenmont Heating & Air Conditioning can help you stay cozy, healthy, and comfortable with professional heating repair in Potomac. We can repair any brand, model, or size of heater and heating system, providing every home and business owner in our city with warmth during the winter.

Heating Maintenance in Potomac

The best way to avoid heater repair consists of regular heater maintenance. Our comprehensive heater maintenance plans allow you to ensure that your boiler, furnace, or heat pump works at its highest capacity. Enjoy the best energy efficiency possible with regular heater maintenance with our professionals.

Heater Replacement in Potomac

If your heater can’t keep up with winter temperatures or fails to kick on when you need it most, we can help you choose the right heater for your property. Our team provides professional and quick installation so you can warm up and enjoy a comfortably cozy interior.

Ductwork Installation in Potomac, MD

Damaged or destroyed ductwork needs immediate replacement so you can enjoy the maximum comfort offered by your heating and AC system. Professional ductwork installation in Potomac starts with our experienced team. No matter how large your home or business and regardless of the system’s complexity, we can effectively and efficiently perform professional ductwork installation.

Indoor Air Quality Services in Potomac, MD

Your home or business’s indoor air quality affects everything from comfort to productivity. Our professionals at Glenmont Heating & Air Conditioning can provide many options to improve your indoor air quality, including:

  • Humidifier/Dehumidifier Services
  • UV Light Filtration Systems
  • Electronic Air Cleaners

Humidifier and Dehumidifier Services in Potomac

While many property owners focus on temperature, humidity can also affect how your home or business feels to those inside. We help you dry out or moisten your air with a professional humidifier or dehumidifier system.

UV Light Filtration Installation in Potomac

Improve the air coming in through your HVAC system by installing UV light filtration systems in your ductwork. UV light destroys dangerous pathogens and mold spores before they reach your interior, keeping your home healthy, happy, and more comfortable.

Electronic Air Cleaner Installation in Potomac

Installing an electronic air cleaner stops allergens like mold, pet dander, and dust from entering your home. This air cleaner performs the same job as a traditional air filter, but uses static electricity to create a stronger bond that catches more dust and debris as it exits your home through the return register.

Professional Heating, Air, Ventilation, and Indoor Air Quality Services in Potomac, MD

When you need professional heating, air, ventilation, and indoor air quality services in Potomac, MD, call Glenmont Heating & Air Conditioning at (301) 468-2665. We can help your home remain comfortable in every season! 

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