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AC Installation in Olney, MD

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Blistering summer temperatures in Maryland don’t hesitate, and neither should you. Contact our Olney HVAC specialists for AC installation in Olney, MD!

Olney is a hub for summertime activity, and with highs ranging between 84 and 88 degrees from June to August, it’s no wonder. A summer night at the Olney Theatre Center is hugely popular, with the site formerly a summer playhouse after its founding in 1938 but now showing plays and musicals year-round. 

People also take in the scenery at Southeast Olney Local Park or Cherrywood Park, expecting to come home to the very best from their new AC installation in Olney, MD. Returning from exciting summer adventures could have you tired and overheated without this dependable installation service because doesn’t everyone want a home that greets them with cool, refreshing air? 

With Glenmont Air Conditioning & Heating, you’ll have that quick and efficient setup anywhere in Olney, Maryland. 

What Should You Consider Before an Air Conditioning Installation?

Whether it is a new build or your fourth unit cooling your long-time home, cooling installation and replacement take a lot of preparation. Our HVAC technicians in Olney consider the following:

Unit Types

Air conditioners vary to suit your cooling needs and household layout. A studio apartment or one floor won’t need central cooling to keep your entire space comfortable. If it’s open plan, any window, wall, or floor unit should suffice.

On the other hand, central cooling may be best for whole-home temperature uniformity across large spaces and multiple floors. Using ducts, this controlled climate travels directly from the unit and passes through vents in each room. If you prefer a different setting in each room, several window units or ductless mini-split air handlers will allow each housemate to always choose the perfect temperature for their zone.

Other types of units include:

  • Portable.
  • Hybrid.
  • Evaporative cooler.
  • Geothermal heat pump.

BTU and Household Size

Once you decide on the right unit type for your AC installation in Olney, MD, your HVAC professional will carefully calculate the required British Thermal Units. This figure shows how much energy it takes for your AC unit to remove heat per hour.

They’ll measure the length and width of each household room before considering ceiling height. They’ll also determine the number of entry points and sun exposure level to match your new system’s BTU rating and ensure correct sizing. 

Why Consider an Olney Air Conditioning Installation?

Placing any new AC system in your home provides plenty of benefits. For one, if you’re planning on selling your house and want to raise property value, a new system signals to any prospects that your home is up to date and needs fewer renovations. You could even receive even higher bids in this city where the median home value is already way higher than the national average, according to Niche. 

Are you one of the 89% of Olney residents who own their home? Don’t miss out on installing a new air conditioner to replace an old one if you want:

  • A higher efficiency system since newer systems have a higher SEER rating.
  • Government tax incentives and benefits (if your system has a SEER rating of 16+).
  • A higher cooling capacity with more consistent cooling.
  • Lower energy bills.
  • Lower carbon footprint. 

Make Your Home the Best of the Best With Us!

Based on U.S. census statistics, Niche rates Olney as the 16th-best suburb to live in Maryland out of 195, based on highly rated schools, housing, and more. So, make your home the best place in Olney for you and your family–trust Glenmont Air Conditioning & Heating’s over 35 years of experience in HVAC services. Call 301-468-2665 today for a dependable AC installation in Olney, MD!

FAQs About Air Conditioner Installations

Here’s what our customers in Olney, Maryland, ask about air conditioning installations in the area.

What Happens If Your Air Conditioning Unit Is Too Small for Your Home?

If your air conditioning unit is too small, long cycling will ensue. Your unit will run ceaselessly, wearing itself out while running up your monthly energy bills.

Is Having an Oversized Cooling Unit Bad?

Yes, having an oversized cooling unit is bad for the system itself and compromises your indoor comfort. Oversized units short cycle–the unit starts and stops too quickly to cool effectively. The abrupt on-off cycle also lowers the unit’s lifespan and produces hot and cold pockets of air around the home.

What AC Add-ons Can You Install With a New Unit?

Consider Smart or programmable thermostat add-ons to make an AC installation in Olney, MD, even more efficient. Humidifiers, dehumidifiers, and air purifiers are also available to increase residential air quality.

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